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The church was founded during the mid 1800's by Rebecca Sherley and her family.  The founders of First Christian in Anna built the sanctuary around 1884, and it was one of the first churches in Texas.  There were fifteen charter members of the congregation, and most of them from the Sherley family. During Sunday worship the men and women were segregated, and they sat on split oak logs without any backing.  For over 100 years the original structure has provided a place for many generations of Anna residents to meet and worship. In 1949 the leaders of the church undertook a tremendous renovation and addition project, adding new hardwood floors, pews, and the first fellowship hall. In 2011 the congregation again took a bold step into the future by renovating the old worship and fellowship spaces that had grown worn with time.  

The number of members in the congregation has fluctuated throughout the years, but it has always been a family sized church committed to worship, communion, singing, Bible study, and fellowship. Today, we are still a family centered church, and every member has frequent opportunity to help lead in worship, volunteer at the church and in the community, gather for Bible study, and sit together for food and fellowship.

Take a tour of First Christian Church of Anna!

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